Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hrm.  We have a fox.  I was outside the other day and I looked to my right and there was...a fox (duh).  I turned my head ever so slightly and yelled "foxxxxxxx!!".  And the fox just stood there.  Didn't move.  Which kind of freaked me out.

After a cool minute or two Foxy sauntered away, casual as ever.

Then a call to Animal Control.  Apparently we have nothing to fear, as all of the fox are having their babies and they're just out to get food (in the form of baby kitties and bunnies) for their little kits.  They normally wouldn't be so brazen, but now is when they are.  They said they posed no danger (I wasn't buying what she was selling at this point), but to keep the kids inside if Foxy showed up again.  Which she has.  But she's very chill, so I guess we're ok.

I have to say, as stupid as this makes me sound, I just picture Foxy to be like the mama in The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  Minus the sweet dress.

P.S.  If you haven't seen the movie...really?!

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