Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Horror stories in HVAC

When I bought this house a few years ago, I closed in April.  Not hot.  Not cold.  Perfect weather.  I kind of didn't care that it didn't have central air.

Fast forward 2 years and the central air was installed this past Wednesday.  I wasn't going through another summer living on the 3rd floor of this house with no air conditioning.  Madeline loses about two dress sizes each summer living on the 3rd floor as well, I think she's in a size 7 (she's 9).  I'm kidding.  But it really get freakin' hot up there!

So I decided on my contractor, picked out a unit and decided (the day I had the install date) to take the window unit out of my room.  I hate window AC units.  I can't open the window, they're loud and make the room darker (because they take up valuable window light).  This is what happened...
It fell.  Fell right out of my window (thank God I had already unplugged it)!  My face must have been priceless, I can only imagine.  I just stood there with my mouth open and my hand on my cheeks  (very Home Alone-ish) for what seemed like an hour, two tops.  Such an idiot.

But now the central air is installed, humming along nicely so I won't need to worry about handling one of those monsters again.  Thank God.

P.S.  The 'injury' photo from last week's Instagram Thursday was a result of this hot mess...

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