Sunday, February 19, 2012

In my bag...

Welcome to one of my most boring posts:  what's in my handbag.

I know, I'm clearly running out of ideas to write about, and truth be told, I've seen this in a few magazines I read (only in the magazine it's a famous person, not some random girl).  So, for everyone who's ever wondered, 'what's in Jenny's bag?!', here you go!

The handbag.  Fossil Adrina Shopper.

1.     My iPad (sort of addicted to this little beauty).
2.     My iPhone (see #1).
3.     A point and click camera, that I never use, but can't seem to take out of my purse...just in case.
4.     My wallet.
5.     My fun little change purse (because I'm 80).
6.     Mascara that I never wear, because I work from home and find no need to get all gussied up on a daily basis.
7.    My $0.97 lipstick that is the perfect shade for me (N.Y.C. brand, shade -Mahogany).
8.    My super sparkly eye shadow (see #6).
9.    My mirror compact my sister gave me for being her matron of honor.
10.  Fossil make up bag.
11.  Ear buds
12.  Cover Girl AmazeMint Lip Shine (love this stuff).
13.  Emory Board (I'm always filing my nails).
14.  Trident Gum.
15.  Ever present hair ties.
16.  Clinique Almost Lipstick in Chic Honey.
17.  The ubiquitous Dr. Pepper lip balm.  My fave.
18.  InkJoy pen in black (medium - I can't write with anything more fine than a medium).
19.  Vera Bradley iPad case.

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Anonymous said...

thank you! I'm trying to decide on a bag, and it's nice to see what works for this one.