Friday, December 9, 2011

Shop local...

The other day we decided to head to the Niagara Falls Market in lieu of anything better to do.  So glad we did.  While there, I purchased a couple of gifts and I thought I'd share their sites with you.

One is a company called The Secret Chicken.  They have an etsy shop (love me some etsy!!) and it's mainly handmade stationery items (you know me and my stationery...).  The shop in NF had a ton of things.  I had to buy a few for myself, I couldn't help it.

The other is a cool t-shirt company called &Buffalo and I picked up a little sonethin' sonethin' there as well.  AND the cool owner Joe gave Mad and Jack a t-shirt each.  Quite the sweet one, that Joe.  Besides, who doesn't want to support a company that designed a T that says "I still call it the Aud".  Enough said.

I like looking outside of the big stores for those hard to find people on my list (I'm talking to you, Will).  I've been pretty lucky shopping local.  You?

P.S.  There was ice skating too! :O

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