Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Fine Tangle

Oh my.  My sister was at a recent Shop Local Event at Monkey See Monkey Do* where she met Brittany Thrun, a local artist and teacher.  My sister was smitten with Brittany's wares and after taking a gander around her blog and shop, I am too!  I'm a lover of homemade gifts (even if they weren't made in a home of anyone I know), and there are a lot of cute things on her blog and in her shop.  Maddy actually purchased a little sonethin sonethin at the event!  Such a fashionista!
(excuse the tired eyes, it was a 7am photo...)

So check out A Fine Tangle, and if you have itty bitties, get them to a class at MSMD!!

*if you haven't been to this bookstore in Clarence, please go!  I can't emphasize the amazingness of this shop.  Its full of books (duh), cute gifts, classes for kiddos, etc.  It's just a little bit of awesome right in Clarence!


Shannon said...

Excuse the eyes? She looks gorgeous in this photo! I wish I looked that good with tired eyes.

Brittany said...

Thank you so much for the feature! It means so much to hear other people who enjoy what I do!