Friday, November 11, 2011

For once I'm somewhat on target with my home decorating.  I always decorate way too early (I blame it on the stores that sell halloween gear in July), but this time I withheld from busting out the Christmas items and decided to work with the fall theme.

The picture of Jack is in my new favorite frame that I hemmed and hawed about at TJ Maxx & More.  Now I can't live without it.  Because it's shiny.
 This one's for my dad...this little gnome is always there - he got a kick out of them so here this little guy sits. :)
 I made this arrangement myself.  Yeah.  I know.  Pretty sweet.
 I love this beaded birch bark candle.  So shimmery.  Love anything glitter, beaded or shiny.  I'm like a baby or a cat.

Happy Friday!

Disclaimer - I can't guarantee that Christmas items won't be up in the next few days weeks...


mom said...

you are quite the little decorator jen.

Ame said...

Jennnyyyy! I should have known you'd be my GLITTER Cousin!! EEEEE!! I have the SAME glittery pumpkin AND we had a WHITE pumpkin for Baba this year! I loved it! (Why didn't we have WHITE pumpkins when we were little?) Too spooky?! (You know our moms are a little...ummm...traditional!!) hehe

love you jenny and so sorry i missed you in Buffalo. :-( In and OUT. 49 hrs. xoxo x