Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh you're so fancy!

Waiting around is a lot less irritating than it used to be.  Thank God for the iPhone is all I can say.  Now the endless hours spent waiting for your doctor to see you, the DMV line to move, etc., can be spent mindlessly playing on your phone. 

One of my favorites is Old Photo Booth.  Here are a few recent beauties...
Me (ignore the funky forehead)
 My sister in law, Meg, circa 1945.
 Jack, (looking WAY too natural in a mullet at 5 years old).
Me in my maribou...
 And Miss Madeline.
Happy Thursday! xoxo
P.S.  Please say a prayer for my friend Julie's father.  He's very sick and needs prayers and positive energy and thoughts sent his way.  I know I ask for a lot of prayers, but I truly believe in the power of prayer and the more voices the better.

P.P.S.  Love you all! xo

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