Monday, January 3, 2011

A girl's gotta have friends...

After watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dinner party fiasco a few weeks ago, I thought 'how horrible these women are to one another!'.  Catty and defensive and cruel.  Ew.  And since Bravo shows that episode every 3rd hour (and its like a train wreck I can't pull my eyes from), that thought has been ruminating in my mind.

I consider myself blessed with my friendships.  Not all are perfect, but they're all wonderful to me.  Some wax and wane, some are constant and daily.  Some are newer than others, and some reach back to childhood.  Many I consider family.

I've been called fickle by some.  It may sound cruel, but I know when a friendship has reached its end.  I'm realistic enough to know that not all friendships are forever, and that's okay!  I think a lot of people hold on to relationships because they've had them for so long.  Not a good enough reason in my book.  Friendships should enrich our lives, not detract from them.  And to use an over-used phrase, 'toxic' people are dunzo in my book.

As an adult I have an incredible group of men and women that I'm blessed to call 'friend'. 

So I won't be befriending Camille or Allison from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills any time soon (or really Taylor for that matter - I'm not so sure about her).  I'm happy with the peeps I have! xoxo

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