Wednesday, September 1, 2010

April Fresh

I love Downy.  Only the April Fresh kind though.  But oh do I love it.  I feel the need to stockpile it every week, even though we're a little overloaded on the fabric softener and cling free sheets here.

I always seem to love things that have a habit of disappearing off the market.  Such as:

  • Caress Body Lotion (orginal scent)  
    • Now they still have the body wash, which I adore and use daily, but I really miss the body lotion.
  • Lilac Deodorant (I think it was Mennen)
  • Pfeiffer Italian Dressing (can be randomly found at Tops but I haven't had any luck in recent weeks)
I've been trolling eBay and other sources to no avail.  Oh it makes me so maaaaad.

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