Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mr. Tim

Oh Tim McGraw.  Really?  Could you be any better?  Better looking, better at entertaining, better singer, better looking?  Oh did I say that twice?  But he's oh so handsome.  Had a great time.  Lady Antebellum was AMA-zing. Amazing.  Two songs in particular (If You're Reading This (about a soldier who doesn't make it home - I still have goosebumps (and a tear in my eye) and Live Like You Were Dying (which of course made me think of my dad and made me sing my heart out to the heavens) were just incredible.  I mean really, really outstanding.

And this picture?  Me?  With the sporadically soaking wet shirt?  Yeah, it poured the first hour and that's what I was left with - a wet shirt.  It felt AWEsome (no.  It did not).  I'm just happy it was rain and not any of the other bodily fluids I was afraid might get on me due to the incredibly inebriated crowd (I was left to wonder where some of these people come from...bikini tops, boots and daisy dukes?  really?  Why don't I see you cruising around town in this awesome get up?)

Anyway - its a gorgeous day here in WNY.  Waiting for Mad's letter to come from school to see who her teacher will be this year (my obsession with the mail continues).

Have a great weekend! xo

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