Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bethenny & Jason

This is my go-to couple when I think relationships are impossible and simply cannot work.  I adore watching them together on tv and they really have made me believe love is possible...I was beginning to turn into something of a cynic when it came to the area of romance and love.  HOLY CRAP that sounded corny and ridiculous, but its sort of true.

Bethenny and Jason are proof to me that you can be a little crazy and neurotic like Bethenny (and the author of this blog) and STILL have someone love you like the crazy, neurotic person you are.
In fact, while watching last week's episode when they're itty bitty was born I lost it.  Like with a capital L.  Just the sweetness and love and finally of it all!
So here's to love and craziness and babies and all that!

Happy Wednesday - I'm happy to be home, back in Buffalo! xo

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