Saturday, June 12, 2010

An Education

I'm always a little late getting around to things.  I rented this movie last night and it was so very wonderful.  Not at all what I expected, but wonderful nonetheless.  Carey Mulligan was perfect in this role.  And the soundtrack?  Fantastic.  A mix of early 60s smokey nightclub music and French classics.

On another note, my friend Katie's daughter is riding in the Ride for Roswell (a charity event to raise funds for cancer research - obviously something near and dear to my heart having lost my father to cancer in 2006).  Here's the link to her page if you'd like to sponsor her (p.s.  Gracie is 10 and I'm beyond proud of her for caring enough to participate!)!  Gracie's Ride for Roswell Page

Have a great weekend!  I'm off to dance recitals and dinner parties (and errands in between...did you see my post  yesterday?!?!)!

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katie said...

Thanks Jen...we're so proud of our little girl...she is out on a bike ride right now...getting ready!!