Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So rather than packing, I thought I'd spend time on a blog post about nothing.  Because I'm really good with time like that.

As many of you know I love a good greeting card.  I stumbled upon these recently and just had to share. These are Sycamore Street Press and I think I'm in love with them a little bit.
And then here's another awesome card from The Kiwi Tree.  Not for those without a sense of humor obviously! ;-)

And here's a little public service announcement for ya'...when you're traveling to Europe and you call AT&T to see what you should do to avoid certain charges while abroad, push them a little harder when they say "I would just leave your phone at home".  Hmm.  Well lets see - my phone is also my iPod, my video player, etc., etc.  I have about 8 hours of flying time ahead of me and I'd like to use the other features of my phone, so leaving it home is not so much an option.  After a little research on my own I saw that I could do things on my own (such as turning 'push data off', 'International Roaming off').  Ugh.

Anyway, off to packing.  Maybe.

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Shannon said...

haha you find the most awesome stuff. i need to start an awesome card collection. i know that's what old people do (well the card collection, not the awesome part), but i'm ok with it.