Monday, April 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I needed to take a minute.  A minute to breath, stop running, relax.  And I decided to blog with that minute.

I'm getting settled into the new place, slowly but surely.  It still doesn't feel like home, but it shouldn't I suppose.  I've only been here for a week.  We're getting each room done, one by one, but none of them are 100% at this point.  A lot of paint, unpacking and settling in still needs to be done.  But we're getting there.

I thought I'd show you a photo or two from the new place, to prove that we've been working.  Please ignore the clutter and random items in the shots.  It's a work in progress (such as the single green chair in the dining room...the 4th chair of the set is MIA at this point).

Living Room/my Office
Dining Room
Kitchen (duh)

Note on the gnomes:
You may have noticed a gnome in the living room shot.  That's an ode to my dad.  He loved Grumpy from Snow White and somehow that got us on to gnomes.  I bought him a gnome one year for Father's Day and he kept it in his office, like a little buddy on his desk.  When he passed away it was one of the only things I wanted of his, as it just profoundly reminded me of him.  This little guy is not him (he's in the kitchen...don't worry, we're all not gnomey - there are just 2).  But I wanted to get a gnome in the house in honor of my dad (the one that was his will go in the backyard by the birdhouse on the tool shed).

Back to the insanity.  Work, packing for Europe, unpacking the home, post office to mail baby shower gift, Target for yet more miscellaneous items we always seem to need, work, Fed Ex to mail broken work laptop back, cable guy will be here to re-install cable he forgot to install in my bedroom, etc. etc.

Have an awesome Monday!


Anonymous said...

the house is beautiful jen, love mom

Miriam travels thru life said...

I love your new house! I cannot wait to visit you. Hopefully soon.... :) Miss you

Miriam travels thru life said...

by the way, is that a yummy red wine on the kitchen counter? :)

Jenny said...

Why yes Mimi...and there are more where those came from!

Lauri said...

Looks awesome!