Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No sleep for the festive...

I totally forgot to mention my 4th of July weekend! I went away with my sister and we had the best time, just relaxing, shopping, wine and food... By the time we got home we were both exhausted (we returned on the 4th itself) and were ready to hit our respective beds. But me? No, I wasn't allowed to enjoy my comfy bed. Because my neighbors were blowing off fireworks (real ones) until 1am. Now I'm all for fireworks. Love them in fact. I live near a country club that (I swear) has firework displays twice a month. And on the 4th? Of COURSE I expect fire works. What made my sleepless night even better was the smoke rolling in through my windows. Why the police didn't cruise by to see my pyro-loving neighbors blasting away is beyond me (read the Clarence Bee Police Blotter to get a good view of what they're focusing on (here are a few items that kept them busy and out of my neighborhood):

• A suspicious person was reported. The subject was delivering newspapers and using a flashlight due to darkness.

• A resident told police a turkey flew through her apartment.

• A house was egged overnight and three slices of bologna found on the windows.
(Editors Note: That was probably my 3 year old nephew Jack. He has a thing for bologna)

• Police were called for an argument between a man and a woman about dancing lessons.

Shit, dancing's important man. I can see why they neglected the fire hazard (and disturbing the peace) issues plagued me that night.


Petite G. said...

I think this might be my favorite post and your best and funniest post yet. I may steal a few of your Bee Blotter items for my next post. Hilarious!

Jenny said...

Sadly, the Bee items are true. Watch out for baloney when you get here this month!