Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ride for Roswell

Hey kids - just a head's up that I'm volunteering (with mom and Sher) at the Ride for Roswell event this weekend. It's a fund raiser for Roswell Park Cancer Institute (a PHENOMENAL hospital/research center here in Buffalo) and I encourage everyone to look around town and cheer for all of the riders! We'll be at one of the intersections where the multiple race routes diverge (there are several route lengths, 62.5 miles (which my friend Knuck is riding...GO KNUCK!!), 44 miles, 33 miles, 20 miles, 8 miles or 3 miles) helping riders determine which way to go, cautioning them against the recent road work on the race (nice timing road work), etc.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention it because Roswell rocks the hiz-zouse and they took outstanding care of my dad (yeah, I'm all slang like that).

Fore more info, check out Ride for Roswell!

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