Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A request

A friend of mine was diagnosed with cervical cancer 2 years ago. They removed the cancer and it came back in August. Its continued to spread and there's nothing they can do for her at this point. My request is twofold:

1. Please say a prayer for Denise. Pray for remission, pray for comfort and peace. Just pray. Please.

2. PLEASE have your annual pap. This is such a curable cancer if caught early. And if you have daughters, have them immunized with Gardasil as soon as they can be given the shot (age 9). It doesn't prevent all cervical cancer, but protects against many of the strains of the disease.

Thanks guys, it means a lot to me.

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1 comment:

Petite G. said...

Of course J. I'm praying right now. I can only hope that they find a cure for her. Ava will be living in a bubble if I can help it.