Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photo Tuesday

A few photos to share with you this lovely Tuesday....

First, my Goddaughter Ava, rocking the tutu and bow. *sigh*
Next, the light on Saturday night (or maybe it was Friday...I think it was Friday) after the storm was SO incredible. There was this soft light cast over the whole town. Sort of yellow-green. I grabbed my camera, but couldn't really capture the effect. So, in essence, this photo is useless as it doesn't minutely show how gorgeous it was. However, I've uploaded it, so here it stays...
This was Miss Maddy Pants workin' the Route Guide neons during the Ride for Roswell event. I love that at 6 she understands the meaning of "giving back" and community service (not one that you've been sentenced to - har).
And lastly, my recent little celeb crush - Mr. Shia LaBeouf. So scraggly and cute. Love him.
Enjoy your day, its a rainy one here, but lovely regardless.


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