Monday, June 29, 2015

Wallpaper is NOT old fashioned...

So I have the smallest vestibule known to mankind.  It actually doesn't even qualify as a vestibule, let's be honest.  It's a teeny tiny space that you walk into when you enter the house, and the living room is BAM! right there.

I've been toying (for the past 5 years) with what I should do with the space.  I've finally decided on wallpaper.  I know.  Wallpaper?  Ew.  But it's not mauve with country blue gingham and there is no border happening.  This is the wallpaper:

It may look all animal print-y, and I can see that (especially since it's from Thibaut's Tanzania line). But up on a wall it takes on an interesting neutral space.  Like this!

I've had this on my computer for so long I have no idea where I found it.  Forgive me for the photo credit faux pas!!

So the wallpaper was ordered today and should be here within two weeks.  I. Am. So. Excited.  Perhaps a little too excited.  Whatevs, right?

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