Wednesday, September 10, 2014

TV Must Sees...

I'm notoriously late to the game when it comes to catching on to TV shows, as is well documented in this blog.  These two are two really good shows I recently binge watched over the past few weeks.
Happy Valley is set in a somewhat depressed town in the UK, and it focuses on a female detective investigating crime in the area.  Only 6, one hour, episodes.  I gobbled this one up.

Next I stumbled on to The Killing.  SO freakin' good.  Very creepy, set in the PNW where it's always rainly and chilly, this show focuses the first two seasons on the killing of Rosie Larsen.  I loved this show.  I have one more (shortened, only 6 episodes) season to go and then I'm on to my next show.
What show you ask?  Oh, only Sons of Anarchy.  You know, there are only six seasons I have to watch (with the 7th starting this month).  Like I said.  Late to the game.

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