Friday, August 1, 2014

Last but not least...Top 10 Blogs!

I must admit, my fevered blog reading days are over.  I now tend to check in every few days, catch up on a few posts and go on my way.  But I do still love me a good blog.  Here are a few of my favorites...

1.  Bleubird - This lifestyle blog is one of my favorites.  I love James' style, family and view of life.  Check her out (yes, James is a her).

2.  Hey Natalie Jean - Another lifestyle blog.  Natalie is a NYC girl with a son (Huck) and husband (Brandon).  I love sneaking a peek into her life and her writing style is right up my alley.  Awesomely enough, she just finished her first book.  I'll be the first in line to pick that up!

3.  Rockstar Diaries - Taza and her family (another NYC gal).  The family is crazy photogenic, creative and cute.  I like to pretend I know them.  Kidding.  Really.

4.  A Beautiful Mess - A super creative blog, ranging from food to home dec.  Love it.

5.  Kelly Purkey - A creative, memory keeping traveler.  This girl leads an amazing life.

6.  Under the Sycamore- Ashley and her family are amazing.  I love their free lifetyle, their faith and their committment to one another.

7.  Pencil Shavings Study - Color, color, color.  And then some more color.
8.  Young House Love - Love this couple.  Their family.  Their decorating style.  Their ideas.

9.  Vintage Revivals - Her tag line says it all.  Fearless DIY.

10.  Brittany Herself - This. Woman. Is. Amazing.  She's honest and open and amazing.  She believes in loving yourself, not hiding your body and being YOU.  An inspiration.  Truly.

And there are a ton more, naturally.  I clearly can't chose 10 of anything to save my life.  So here are a few more for good measure!

Oh Joy!
Sitting in a Tree
Marc and Angel
A Cup of Jo

Go check them all out!  You may find a favorite two of your own!

Happy Friday! xo

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