Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Top Ten TV Shows - today, on the list...

So here we are, the middle of the week.  A chilly week at that.  Football season starts on Sunday and boy does it sure feel like it weather wise here in Buffalo!

So here's the list of the day - my favorite TV shows.  Again, this was tough as I love me some TV.  Of course, I've had a few posts recently about some television shows that I've been loving hardcore.  And those are on here.  I think with a lot of these lists , they're moving targets.  Really dependent upon where I am in life, what I've watched recently, etc.  But for the moment, these are my Top Ten TV shows...

1.  Scandal
2.  Orange is the New Black
3.  Homeland
4.  House of Cards
5.  Happy Endings
6.  Sherlock
7.  Arrested Development
8.  Top Gear
9.  House
10. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Crap, I can't do just 10.  Here are 10 more...

11.  The West Wing
12.  Modern Family
13.  Arrested Development
14.  Brooklyn Nine-Nine
15.  Elementary
16.  Reign
17.  The Following
18.  Alias
19.  Project Runway
20.  America's Next Top Model (don't judge)

I know, I know.  There are probably a million TV shows that you love that aren't on here.  I've never seen Lost or 24, The Big Bang Theory or Sons of Anarchy or The Living Dead.  Or countless others for that matter.  As you can tell, I'll get to them eventually (I always discover shows once they're dead and gone usually).  Tomorrow, my favorite blogs!!!

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