Monday, May 12, 2014

The joys of traveling...

Oh travel.  Such an adventure!  So much to see and do!  So much to do! TO DO!!!

I have a To Do list a mile long.

Renew my International Driver's License  - Check!
Call bank to alert them that I'll be overseas
Prepare team at work
Set up out of office email
Pick up US item requests from my brother and sister in law
And then some, and then some, ad nausuem...

Please note only one item has been checked.

I leave on Wednesday.

Right now I'm struggling with whether or not to bring my DSLR or just iPhone it all the way.  I'm reaaaallly leaning toward iPhone only bc the thought of lugging my big camera around makes my shoulders hurt already.

Stay tuned for more panicked posts where I'm not at all ready to leave, yet spending my time writing about it rather than doing something about it.

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