Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm Crochet Challenged...

Photo credit: Rachel Barnes

So I started knitting a few months ago.  My sister Meg taught me in a second, I caught on immediately.  I made a (somewhat wonky) blanket as my first project.  I still need to master the whole counting stitches thing, but it's big and it covers you and it's warm. Success.

We went to the Outer Banks last week and I thought, "Hey, this is a great time to teach myself how to crochet!  How hard could it be?".

I threw the crochet hook across the room at one point.

What made it worse was, after not being able to figure out the instructions in the book I bought I went to YouTube.  The lady actually said "This is the easiest thing ever.  Not hard at all.  ANYONE can do this."

womp womp

Not this anyone.

So I went to the store.  Bought some knitting needs and started knitting another blanket.

Crochet 1 - Jenny 0

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Michele Johnson said...

I can knit. Well, I can make scarves and once made a hat under close supervision. I CAN. NOT. CROCHET. I think we would've needed to learn that prior to knitting.