Friday, March 14, 2014


So yes, I'm still neglecting this blog.  And it makes me kind of sad.

On the one hand, I just can't be bothered anymore.  It's not as though my blog was ever terribly enlightening or full of witty prose.  But it was mine, and I wrote about what I wanted.

Lately (um, as in months and months) I haven't been that inspired or motivated to even think about what I'd like to write about.  I used to make a list through the week of ideas, inspiration, etc.  Then I'd blog and schedule the posts throughout the week.  Somewhere along the line the thought of that became cumbersome.

So now, I just pop in from time to time to complain about said blog.  How fun for my readers!!!

It almost seems as though Instagram has replaced my blog.  Just as my blog replaced my journaling.

Who knows.  I'm sort of getting the itch to blog again (maybe I'm a non-winter blogger).

Pop in from time to time, hopefully I'll be back.  Because I really do love this blog.  And I love my readers.  After nearly 8 years of blogging I'd hate to just abandon it altogether.

Thanks for hanging in there friends!


Rachel said...

I totally agree about Instagram. So much faster to share a picture of how I view my world than it is to write about it! Now if only someone will create an app that offers the ease of picture taking and the therapeutic nature of writing...

Shannon said...

A lot of my favorite blogs have transitioned to instagram only. I LOVE instagram (LOVE), but I also need to write. As Rachel stated, writing is therapeutic.