Monday, January 13, 2014

Let's do this...

Oh my goodness.  It's been forever.  The holidays just suck the life out of me.  It seems like the parties and get togethers, decorating, dinners, celebrating is never-ending.  Don't get me wrong, I love it and I'm blessed to have so many opportunities to enjoy the season, but once January rolls around I'm like, "what happened?"

So here we are, creeping into mid-January and I'm crossing things off of my to-do list like it's my job.  And then I remembered that I had this little blog.  That I've absolutely neglected.  And I don't even feel bad about it anymore.

Blogging every day isn't going to happen.  It just won't.  If I force myself to blog daily it'll end up being a chore, and the posts will be boring because I'm just writing filler.  And no one wants to read filler.

So I'm back.  On my terms, at my own pace.  Hope you'll stick around.  Because if you do, you can get my take on why I think these are my favorite looks from last night's Golden Globe Awards.

Yep.  My favorite looks.

I love Julie Bowen's look because the colors!  The texture!  The sleeves!

And Emma Watson...I don't care if every human on the planet hated this look.  I adored it.  There's not one thing I would change.  Perfection.

I didn't even watch the awards (which I heard were fantastic), I was just interested in the fashion.  Duh.

Here's to a great 2014.  I, for one, am excited as hell!


Shannon said...

How do Emma's boobs look so amazing?

Jennifer Holland said...

They're 23 year old boobs. Don't they all look great at 23?