Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Civil Wars

Go.  Right now.  Buy this.
I love it when someone turns me on to good music, and about two years ago I was turned on to The Civil Wars.

Their first album blew me away, and their second (which I've been live streaming since last week (thank you iTunes) is nothing short of stunning.

The duet (Joy Williams and John Paul White) aren't on speaking terms right now, which made the writing and recording of this album pretty amazing (considering how when I'm not speaking to someone I can barely stand to think of them let alone be stuck in a room with them for months on end).

Here are the standout tracks (IMHO):

The One That Got Away
Same Old Same Old
Dust to Dust
Sacred Heart (sung in flawless French)

The others are amazing as well, but these 5 blew me away.  They're heartbreaking, in the best way possible.

So for real, get this.  Like yesterday already.

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