Friday, August 2, 2013

Maid of the Mist and Cave of the Winds...

Sounds like an Indian Jones movie title, doesn't it?  Well it's not.  It's just a couple of the awesome things we have here in Western NY and over the border in Canada.

Madeline and I spent the day with some great friends last weekend traipsing around Niagara Falls (Jack missed him Grammy from being in the Adirondacks all week so he took a pass to get some good snuggle time in).  I swear I've been to the Falls more this summer than I have in the past 20 years.

Anyway, we started on the US side and took a trip below the falls, walking the paths in the Cave of the Winds.  Holy shit it's amaze balls.  We were soaked but exhilarated and had an amazing time being thisclose to the Falls.

You're given this sweet yellow poncho and these even sweeter sandals that you get to keep!  I know!!  I told Maddy they were her new school shoes.
After we finished there we headed over to the Canadian side and had some lunch before we headed onto the Maid of the Mist.  For those of you not familiar, this is a boat you ride, basically into the falls.  Again, soaking wet time, but this time, you get a blue poncho!

After we dried off we walked around Victoria Park and took in the majesty of this amazing natural wonder we're blessed to live near (only about 30 minutes!).

We finished the day with dinner and ice cream sundaes.  A perfect day.  So, so lucky.

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