Sunday, July 14, 2013

Birthday amazingness

I celebrated a birthday last week and it.was.fabulous.  I'm over the whole "I'm so oldddddd" drama.  I'm alive.  That's pretty awesome so I could be 98 years old and I'll be happy I'm just here.  I think losing a parent at a relatively young age makes you reconsider the alternative.

Anyway, my day started out at a friend's house for breakfast where I was showered with hand drawn pictures from some pretty awesome kids...

I was apparently too stupid to pick up on the hints, because during breakfast my sister and sweet friend (and assembled children) all started dancing to "SexyBack" (which my sister secretly hit play to on her phone).  Still too stupid.  Then Colleen and my sister went all rehearsed conversation with me (could you die with cuteness?).  

Colleen:  Hey, I heard JT's opening his North American tour in Toronto next Wednesday!

Sister:  Shut up!  

Colleen:  No!  What are you doing next Wednesday Jen?

Me:  Uh...

Sister:  Wanna go to Toronto next Wednesday?

Note:  They're all still dancing to "SexyBack" at this point...
Me:  Uh...
Sister and Colleen:  Wanna?  Wanna go?
Me:  Am I going to Justin Timberlake?  Am I?  AM I?
And scene.
So yeah, I'm going to see my boy JT on Wednesday and I'm kind of crazy excited.  Like for reals.
Later that day I had a great lunch on the lake with my mom and sister and then friends over for a casual night of pizza and beer at my house.
In a nutshell, a perfect day.  Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.
Getting older doesn't suck.  It really doesn't.

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Shannon said...

You are one of the sweetest, kindest girls I've ever met. You deserve the perfect birthday...and a little JT too! :)