Monday, July 29, 2013

A Royal Baby!!!!

Gah!!!!  He's here!  Prince George Alexander Louis!  And yeah, I'm really that excited about it.  
I've been a ha-uge fan of the royal family since I was 9 years old and Princess Diana came onto the scene.  So this newest addition is only feeding into my royal obsession.  And I love it.
 I mean, come on...could they be cuter?  I really just die.
 I had to run to lunch the day they left the hospital and I wouldn't leave my house until I was able to see it live.  So happy I did that, because I would have missed this sweet moment of them gingerly passing George.
 Oh my God the face.
 And I'm not the only royal junkie.  Here's how he was celebrated that day!

And right here in good old New York.  The falls were lit up royal blue to celebrate the new prince.  My friend and I went to see it (she's a good friend, indulging me like that) and it felt special to me for some reason.  Perhaps because I'm a major dork.
Photo credits:  AP/Getty and Landor
So suffice it to say, I'm excited to watch this little man grow up, hopefully into the amazing man his father has become.


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Shannon said...

Your royal obsession is adorable. :)

So, I assume I shouldn't name my son Prince George of Cambridge? Doh!