Monday, June 17, 2013

In my room...

I love my bedroom.  It's my place in the house that's just mine, clean and pristine and perfect (well, perfect to me).  I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek into my little space.
I keep the walls all white, with the exception of one that's dark grey.  This way I can change out my linens without being tied to a wall color.
Speaking of linens, I'm all about bedding.  The prettier and softer, the better.  Pillows, soft blankets and sheets and a great mattress all make me very happy.
 And of course, no bedside table is complete without 650 books waiting to be read.
 I change up the artwork now and then, using paper and punches and a pair of solid frames.  I like to add a punch of color to the walls since they're so neutral.
It's just a corner of the room, but it's my little piece of heaven.

What's your favorite space in your home?

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