Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day...

This is a photo of my dad in the late 60s, when he was a Paratrooper in the U.S. Army.

Today is a day in which we remember those who died during active military service.  Today is a day when we should all thank our lucky stars that there are men and women in this country rose to the call to give up their lives in times of war.

Having traveled the world, I can tell you that we are blessed to live in this amazing country.  Blessed beyond belief.  People will always complain.  Complain about the government.  The President.  This, that and the other thing.  And they have the right to do that.  Because of the people who gave up their lives.

A heartfelt thank you to every member of the military who gave up their lives so that I can live mine.  A heartfelt thank you to every member of the military that has sacrificed their time, time with their family, decent living conditions and peace of mind.  A heartfelt thank you to the family's of military members.  Husbands and wives raising families alone.  Children who only see their parent via FaceTime or email if they're lucky.

Thank you.  A million times, thank you.

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