Thursday, May 2, 2013

Adventures in Packing...

So as you know, we're in Europe this week (we'd better be, we left on Wednesday!).  While for some, packing for a week overseas would be a cause of stress.  For me?  Meh.

I've traveled quite a bit in my years, and the more I travel, the less I pack.  It's all about the planning people.  Planning and lists.  Planning and lists.  Repeat after me...

If you're going for 7 days, don't pack 10 shirts and 8 pairs of pants. You won't wear them.  See what the weather will be, pack accordingly.  Do you know you'll head somewhere super nice for dinner requiring a fantastic fashion statement?  No?  Then don't pack for the just-in-case.  Unless you're going to somewhere super remote, they'll have whatever you need, just-in-case.

My other tip?  It's all about the carry on (and rolling clothes - more on that later).  I no longer check bags.  I'm not that person with the obnoxious carry on either.  Mine is totally regulation and not jammed beyond recognition.  Everything fits, nice and neat.  It's light and easy to haul around.  We lost our luggage traveling to Spain once.  Some of us waited 10 days.  Others received it once we were home (from airports we never traveled to - oh the places our clothes have been!).   So now, carry on.

Now for packing itself.  Roll, roll, roll.  Nice and tight.  Layer it along the bottom, putting your little things in the open spaces.  Phone charges, toothbrush, etc.  Things won't be wrinkly, I promise.

The key is really to be realistic.

So if you're going somewhere and need to pack, give me a call.  I'm your girl!

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