Monday, April 8, 2013

Shootin' hoops...

This was the year we all got sporty on Easter.  There were several games of Unicorn (Madeline's version of HORSE), Around the World, one on one, two on get the point.  It was a nice way to spend the day, and the competition, while friendly, was fierce (I'll just note that I won Unicorn...).  It was a crummy day, chilly and cloudy, so it was nice to have some fun outside rather than sitting like lumps in the house while we waited for the ham to cook.
This is a close up shot of Miss Madeline making a basket (happy it was documented because it doesn't happen a lot, unlike Jack who makes like, every basket he shoots...Sporty Spice she's not).
And look who else has some game!  Mom making a basket!  Nothin' but net on that one.
We bought the kids the hoop and basketballs for Easter and since we wanted to play right away we brought the hoop to my mom's to assemble, and then drove it home later that night (fortunately we live about three blocks away from my mom so it didn't need to travel far).  SO glad we made that decision.  It made for a day full of fun.  Even the people who said they have no skill had fun (I'm looking at you D-Money...)!

How'd you spend your Easter?  And why is this post a full week after the holiday?

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