Friday, April 12, 2013

Please don't go!!!

I have issues with products I love leaving me.
Not the real deal, just a Dr. Pepper possible 

It all started with  my favorite deodorant - Lilac Lady Speed Stick.  The year was 1998 and I loved the super delicate smell of this amazing product.  Then I went to Europe for a month.  It all fell apart there.  In the one month that I was gone, the product disappeared.  GONE!  This was pre e-Bay.  I didn't even have a chance to hoard it!

It was heartbreaking.

Then it was my favorite salad dressing. Pfeiffer Italian Dressing.  It went away.  It was really only available in the Western New York area, so when I lived in Eastern NY it was something my mom would send me.  But then it vanished.  Now, there's a happy ending to this story in that I found it again.  So now every time I see it I buy it all.  Every bottle.  If there's a war, we're fully stocked in Italian dressing here.

But yesterday was potentially the saddest of all.  I've been feeling nervous about my favorite lip balm, Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper lip balm.  I've worn this for probably 15 - 20 years.  Maybe even longer.  Probably for as long as they've made it.  Purses, glove boxes, car consoles, pockets, desk, nightstands all have at least one of these in them.  But lately I've been having trouble finding it.  I have a little bit of a stock pile, but I'm getting nervous.  It's the perfect lip color, just a hint of color and it tastes yum.  But I'm nervous.  Like really nervous.  So now I have to be on the hunt for all that I can find, and hoard this too.

And this isn't the only time I've been burned.  Bath & Body Works Honeysuckle?  Gone.  No.  Not Wild Honeysuckle.  Just Honeysuckle.  I've purchased all I can find on eBay.  Every time they had a 'we're bringing back the classics', I buy it.  But it's gone.  From all sources.  I don't even want to talk about it.  It's just too sad.

So what about you?  Any product you love so much that you can't imagine your life if it went away?


Shannon said...

Our favorite BBQ sauce has recently disappeared and it devastated Andy.

Kraft Spicy Honey was his favorite. No longer an option. Boo!

I'm feeling your pain!

Michele Johnson said...

Bath and Body is notorious for this. They constantly get rid of scents and products and it drives me bonkers!