Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Getting ready...

A week until we leave for Europe and I've done, let's see, zero planning.  Sure I have hotels, train tickets, plane tickets, the necessities.  But I haven't done any planning as to what we'll see and do once we're there.  Maybe it's because I know both cities pretty well so I feel like I don't need to plan.  But that's precisely why I must plan!  I want to see things I haven't seen before, not the same old same old (I shouldn't even say that about Paris and London - shame on me - but still, it's a lot of money to spend to see the Eiffel Tower...again).

So this weekend I spent some time with the books I bought and decided that we'd take one day in Windsor, out of London.  And then my mom would plan one day in London, my sister another.  I'd plan a day in London and then all of Paris.  That way it's sort of a vacation for all of us, with one person not being responsible for all the planning (ahem, me).

On the list for Paris?
Sacre Coeur and Montmartre (I went there the first time I went to Paris and haven't been back since.  I have such fond memories I can't wait to go back).

Versailles (I can't stay away)

Place des Vosges

On my list for London
Natural Museum of History (um, take a look at these pictures from Blue Lily when they were there...for reals?)

Hyde Park

Spitalfields, Carnaby Street and Covent Garden(shopping!!)

Balthazar London (my favorite NYC brasserie, now in London)

Get ready, photo overload is coming your way in about 5,4,3,2...

Oh, and if you've been to either city, I'd love to see what little gems you've kept secret! Any out of the way places we must see?

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Michele Johnson said...

Say hi to Kate for me? She'll probably be sad not to see me...

Oh, and have a great trip!