Thursday, April 18, 2013

Getting ready!

We leave for Europe in less than two weeks and I figured it would be a good idea to start gathering all of the 'stuff' you need when you travel.  These are the things I MUST take with me.
1.  Instax camera - This little baby is like a Polaroid, except that it prints pictures the size of business cards.  Super cute and a fun way for the kids to capture little moments.

2.  Journal - I think it's so important to write down memories, even snippets of them, as you experience them.  This way it can trigger you to remember the entire event.  The kids will be taking little journals with them, to draw what they see, write down their observations, etc.  I can't wait to see what they write!

3.  Itinerary.  Duh.  I like to keep it all with me in one place.  Hotels, train tickets, plane reservations, etc.  Makes the OCD in me happy.

4.  Passport - I probably check to make sure I have my passport 97 times from my house to the airport.  Every time.  I've never forgotten it, but I've dreamt often that I have.

5.  Camera phone - I'll bring my nice camera, of course, but I love the ease of using my camera phone.  I can post pictures and send to friends without downloading, etc.  While the quality isn't as good (obviously), there's something to be said about capturing the moment without playing around with ISO.

6.  Power adapter - Why Europe and the rest of the world don't use the same plugs and voltage as us I'll never know. Doesn't everyone want to be like us?  I kid.  But this is a life saver.  And don't just get the adapter.  Get the converter/adapter combo.  You don't want to kill your iPad by not converting to the correct voltage.  Ouch.

Now comes the fun part.  Clothes!!

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