Monday, January 14, 2013


What was I saying last week about the weather?  Never mind that...
No.  This was not taken this weekend.  It was taken in July in Canada.  But this is how it FELT this weekend!!!!!

This past weekend was glorious.  GLORIOUS I tell you!

It was 60 degrees.  In January. IN BUFFALO!


So many caps this post, sorry about that.  But how could one help it when the days were spent doing things.  Cleaning up the yard (doesn't sound like fun, but just to be outside in something that doesn't resemble a parka in the slightest is exhilarating, I'm telling you), walking outside sans scarf and hat, driving with the windows down...

It's enough to make a girl turn her frown upside down!

I won't mention the forecast for this week.  Let's just live in the weekend, shall we?

Have a great week readers! xo

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