Friday, January 25, 2013

Author I love - Kate Morton

I love it when I fall in love with a book.  Even better, an author!  Kate Morton is a recent favorite (I'm on my third book of hers in as many weeks) and I thought I'd share the info because I love getting book ideas from friends (this one is courtesy of Diane, thanks you!). 

The first book I read was The Secret Keeper.
Second, The Distant Hours.
Now, The Forgotten Garden.
Next, The House at Riverton.

The first two centered around WWII in England (not all doom and gloom, just the time period).  Both also used a past and present alternating chapter style.  I love that because I don't get bored (similar to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - read it).

The Forgotten Garden is set in Australia, and I literally just started it today so I'm not sure if it follows the same style as the other two.  It's set in 1913 (as per the back cover) so pre WWI.

They're all mysteries, but historical in nature, and all twisty and turny in their path.  I get lost in these, and that's what I love most of all.

If you're a reader, give it a shot.  Start with The Secret Keeper.

Enjoy! xo

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