Thursday, December 20, 2012

Instagram Thursday - second to last...

Friends, family, blog readers, 
I've decided that Instagram Thursday will only last until December 27th, 2012.  Yes, yes.  I know you're upset.  But you can always follow me on Instagram if you're that heartbroken.  I have an even better weekly feature coming up for 2013.  Just you wait.

For now though, here are the pics from this week.

Christmas shopping (one for me, one for you...)
 Hospital waiting room essentials!
 Dave Matthews wine.  It was lovely, truly.
 Yeah.  Not even sure what to say about this Hans.
 Wrapping, wrapping and wrapping some more.
 Little flashlights for some littles in my life.
 I want to spend all of my time in here lately.  So sleepy when it gets dark so early.
 Taking care of my poor nails that have been ravaged by paper.
 This book is a good one...
 Stripes and patterns?  Whatever.
Have a great day!  Only 4 days until Christmas!!!!!

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