Friday, November 30, 2012

Instagram Thursday (Friday)...

Hi everyone!  Well isn't this different!?!?  Instagram Thursday on a Friday?  What?  Well as you know I chose to celebrate my sister yesterday, so the pics are being bust out today instead of yesterday.

So without further ado, I present last week's pics!

Did you see my blog post from Wednesday?  No?  Go check it out, then go buy this book.
 Yeah Chicken Man...I have some work for you here at the house.
 Downtown Buffalo, USS Sullivans!
 Art installation at the Naval Park.
 Mr. Man has been very busy around here!!
 Diving into this. Again.  But in English.  Gearing up for the movie which I cannot wait to see.
 Oh Christmas Tree!!  How I love you!
 An oldie from our trip to Fort Niagara earlier this month.
 Little Miss Emma bug.  Oh how I adore this spunky little spitfire!
 Giftwrap from Target.  *love*
 The tree again?  I'm afraid we're in for many more shots like this one!!  I just love it so very much!  And this is just one of the four in our house!!!  We're a little Christmas Crazy around here!
Until next week!  xo

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