Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Furniture time...

Oh my.  I've fallen in love.  With a sofa.
It's from Thrive Furniture, and it's the Tyler Sectional.  And I think we're going to get married.

Thrive specializes in mid-century design, which I'm a fan of for sure but I love this one for the tufting.  Oh the tufting.  It's pretty abundant on this sofa.  And the clean lines.  So, so clean.

I love this so much that I've made the step to order the full set of swatches (they're free in case you're interested).  I'm dipping my toe in the 'new furniture that I totally don't need' pool.

Next year (as in 2014 - I'm always jumping ahead) is home renovation time as the attic will be converted into my office (I work from home).  I can already see this bad boy in the front room.

Someone stop me.

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