Friday, October 5, 2012

September Photo a Day Round Up...

Here is is, the finished September Photo a Day.  For some reason when I made this little collage in Picasa it refused to include the last picture.  How rude!  For real though.  Every. Single. Time.  So the cheese stands alone this time.  Sorry little me.
Here were the prompts (from L to R, Top to Bottom):
Me (now), Far away, father, in my mail, bright, every day, natural, at night, something I do most weekends, black and white, hero, together, table, my favorite thing, first thing I saw, strange, in my fridge, price, underneath, man made, sometimes, up, before bedtime, 3 things, frame, near, love/hate, a good thing, errand and me (then) (featured prominently below!

Play along!  You know you want to!  So you only do it 4 days.  Whatever, I won't judge (I'm talking to you Rachel).  Here's a little reminder of the prompts again.!  xo


Rachel said...

OMG I'm totally on track for Ocotober! Four whole days in. IG: rmpennings

Jenny said...

Rachel!!! Shut up!! And why am I not following you?!!?