Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A fall hike...

The other day Jack and I headed to visit Hans at school, and while there we went for a hike in the woods.  Jack had so much fun, and I have to admit...I did too.

It was really a perfect fall day.  A chill in the air, but the walking took the chill out quickly.  Jack, Kody and Hans.  I was outnumbered that day...
 I knew these all terrain kicks would come in handy.  Eventually.
  We wandered off the trail and spent a lot of time exploring.
 Good thing I didn't bring my horse.
 Jack having a much needed energy release.
 Salamander hunting with Kody.
 Success!!  And ew.
 Pink leaves (they were much more pink in person).
 Hans found this U while exploring.  We found so many odd things that day!
And this is the ride home.  :)
We might need to make this a monthly thing - me and Mother Nature!  Who would have thought!!?!?!

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Shannon said...

love it all - except for the salamanders. ick.