Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jury Duty

I wasn't thrilled, I'll admit.  I know it's my civic duty (and if I didn't know before yesterday, I was treated to a movie detailing the history of the jury system dating back to acient Greece).  I know it's an amazing right to be able to live in a democracy where I can play a role in the judicial system.  But I'm busy guys! 
But I went.  After I got it delayed in April (because we were on vacation).

And after sitting around for 2 hours I was called in to a potential trial for the voir dire.  However, before that happened, the case I was set to sit on was settled in chambers.  Sa-weet!!  That means I have officially fulfilled my civic duty and I'm off the hook for at least 7 years!  Yay Justice System!
I did a lot of this today...

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