Thursday, August 2, 2012

Instagram Thursday!

This is the Olympic Edition of Instagram Thursday (with a little non-Olympic business thrown in there).  Enjoy (and Go USA!)!

Opening ceremonies.  I loved them (minus the big creepy baby after Mary Poppins showed up).
 Scoping out the events I must see.
 I mean really?  The dimple?  *sigh*
And now on to the non-Olympic portion of the proceedings...

I've been granted the privilege of Jury Duty.  Woo.  Hoo.
 Spray painting Mason Jars in gold.  Just because.
Sitting on the front room couch, watching the Olympics, reading a book and making a friendship bracelet.  Yup.
 This catalog blew my socks off this month.  I might need to get a second job.
 Mojitos on a hot day?  Well all right then.
 Busy.  Stressed.  Irritated.  That was me this day.
Essie There's No Place Like Chrome nails.  Lurve.
Yeah.  This is still going on.
Found my name all over the cabin my cousin is staying in at Camp Kenan.  Whoever this Jennifer is, she gets around (at least via Sharpie on the bunks).  Never having been a camper myself, I found the cabins hilarious.  Small, wood as far as the eye can see, tiny bunks, hot and dark.  FUN! Fun?  Fun for some, not fun for this girl.
On the way home my cousin and I stopped at an organic farm where I took pictures of the fruit, but bought none.  My sister was not happy about this (she's a fruit addict).

A freshly made bed with clean linens.  One of the finer things in life.
Until next week!  xo

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