Monday, July 23, 2012

Olympic Fever

We have Olympic fever here. Oh yes we do.  Madeline already made the list of events she wants to watch (women's swimming, women's gymnastics, women's synchronized swimming, pretty typical stuff).  I told Jack that they have Ping Pong in the Olympics and he's psyched about catching so that action.
My wrinkly 1980 Lake Placid Olympic T.  My ex was at the hockey game where the US beat Russia.  "Do you believe in miracles????"  Yeah.  That one.
There's just something about the athletes themselves, the emotions, the patriotism that gets me every 4 (2?) years.   And in London this year?  You know how I feel about London.

So I'll be watching all of the action for the next two weeks, starting with the opening ceremonies this Friday.  Duck Dynasty, True Blood, Project Runway and Storage Wars will need to be recorded.

Go team USA!

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