Thursday, July 19, 2012

Instagram Thursday!

Weeee!  Another round of pictures for ya!  Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more inane picture sharing!  Enjoy!
 The perfect red!
 Stripes for days!
 One of my birthday gifts!  Love it!
 Birthday dinner on the water.
 Coloring, part deux!
 Birthday cards made by kids.  The best.
 Pupper (I'll have to do a post on this little guy one day).
 Pool days.
 Looking forward to hoodie and jeans weather!
This outfit consisted of a tank top, capri yoga pants and a cardi.  Without the cardi I looked like a hobo.  The cardi really classes up the joint, I think.  Well, it allowed me to run to Home Depot without feeling like I looked like a hobo.

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