Friday, June 1, 2012


This girl turns 40 today.  Where do I begin without getting a big lump in my throat?  My sister was born a mere 10 1/2 months after I was born (really mom and dad?!?!) and instantly became my best friend.  Sure we had a few rough patches here and there, but the one constant in my life has been her friendship and love.  When I moved away after college, she came with me.  When she moved back to the area we grew up, I moved too.  We fight like cats and dogs.  We love one another like nobody's business.  We couldn't be more different from one another. Yet somehow it works.
Birthday girl is in the sweet crushed velvet coat.   I'm in the peach, floor length dress and Kelly is the one with no pants, because it's Easter and you don't have to wear pants on Easter  Just a really short (or long) dress and a coat and hat.  And tights.   My mom apparently liked a nice side white.  (p.s. nice lambchops, dad)

If you don't have a sister it's hard to explain the bond.  No one can come between you.  You always have a defender who will fight to the death to protect you.  Even when you don't get along, when you scream and yell and cry, you love them with every ounce of your being.

Sherri, you are my dearest friend.  My confidant.  My sweet angel of a sister and I would do anything for you.

A rare image where my mom used a yellow barrette...

Let's wear some white barrettes for your birthday this year.


Shannon said...

Happy birthday, Sherri!!!

(also known as the best baker alive!)

I don't have a sister so I am definitely jealous of the bond you have with her. Sometimes I hope Taylor gets a little sister for this exact reason!

Gotta love that last picture. I have a feeling some really cool people got married there that day! :)

Anonymous said...

i had a laughing jag with this story.