Thursday, May 3, 2012

Instagram Thursday

Hellooo!  Is it Thursday already!?!   Here are some pics from this week!

J.Crew love (stay tuned for a post dedicated to my obsession with this brand...)
 Me, lounging on the couch.
 Jack grew a mustache.
 Loving Paris in Color.
 No. Soft. Tossing.  Got it?
 New book (one of 14 I'm reading right now).
 Early dinner beverages.
 Left on a jet plane...and then came back the same day.
 My internal radar found an Anthropologie in Georgetown, DC.  Thanks internal fashion GPS!
 Books.  I love that the ittie bitties love books as much as I do!
 Orange on my desk.
 Emma showing me her new nail polish.  Keeping it classy.  I'm apparently a 6th grader because it made me laugh and I had to take a picture...
 Rock 'em, Sock 'em.  Go.

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